Home and Bussiness Alarms

SIPGRUP anti-intrusion systems help to protect people, properties, and goods in homes and business premises against intrusions.

Our intrusion systems are designed to protect at several stages: exterior protection, perimeter, interior, robbery, and panic. As well as generating alerts for fire, emergency, medical emergency, gas leaks, flooding, etc.

This is why it is so important to have an alarm system, because an alarm system works not only as a deterrent but also to avoid an incident turning into an even greater threat.

SIPGRUP offers a range of anti-intrusion systems, both using radio (wireless systems) as well as wired.

sipgrup Alarmas de Alta Seguridad y Sistemas Anti-intrusión sipgrup Alarmas de Alta Seguridad y Sistemas Anti-intrusión

Image-based verification

The wireless Video Verification alarm system allows the alarms to be checked with a series of images, reducing expenses arising from potential false alarms. When the system is armed, the camera is automatically activated by an event and captures a series of images when an alarm is triggered; these images are sent to CRA and/or the user via Web or Smartphone apps. Users can obtain images upon request via the apps to verify events and determine the most appropriate response in real time.

Applications for smartphones and web application

With the Application for Smartphones and the Web Application, owners of the system can intelligently and easily control their security system. This application allows users to arm/disarm the system at any point in time, check the alarms via visualisation of images associated with the alarms and taken by the PIR camera, request images, activate automatic domestic devices, override sensors, check the status of the system, see an events history, and much more. As well as all the functionality in the Smartphone application, users can also go to the Web Application to configure PIR cameras, adjusting the number of images to be captured or the resolution of those images. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

sipgrup Aplicación para smartphones y aplicación web

Cloud Solutions

Connectivity with the RISCO Cloud allows users to benefit from the use of the Smartphone application iRISCO (also available as a web application for the PC). The application allows users to remotely control their security systems, including arming/disarming the system and receiving push notifications in case of suspected intrusions, as well as offering video verification and auto-control capabilities.

Wide range of sensors

We have a wide range of sensors for all markets and environments, using the latest generation of several detection technologies. The products include intrusion detection for residential and commercial buildings, security sensors, seismic sensors, and industrial assembly sensors for the ceilings of factories and warehouses.

We offer solutions for exterior sensors, to protect your house or business from the perimeter. Perimeter Security Systems allow you to move with complete freedom inside the protected zone, knowing that should an alarm sound, vital time is available to act. The perimeter sensors are installed in the surroundings of your estate, house, or garden with sensors that are camouflaged or which blend into the background, in lamp posts, walls etc. forming a security barrier around the whole perimeter.

Sensors are available in a wide range of models, wireless, wired, anti-pet, and BUS installation, etc.

We use different communication technologies (RTC, IP, GSM/GPRS).

We also install entirely autonomous security systems, perfect for systems which do not have an electrical network, like industrial warehouses, country houses, boats, work sites, etc.

Grade 3 sensors for professional systems

We offer an extensive range of Grade 3 sensors which meet all the strictest industry standards. Our Grade 3 offering, which is designed for commercial and industrial markets, uses unique sensor technology, offering the best reliability and protection against false alarms, even in the most extreme environments whilst offering the highest standards of quality.

The double technology sensors (DT), the most reliable movement sensors, make use of Anti-masking and Anti-Cloak™ (ACT, Anti-Camouflage), to detect camouflaged intruders and functionality in environments with high ambient temperatures, with reliable anti-masking detection.

Security fog

SIPGRUP offers an innovative and unique security system, the PROTECT Fog Generator. The Security Fog stops thieves in their tracks, making it impossible for them to see, completely disorientating them.

It is perfect for any type of establishment and a good solution for homes. It avoids large losses, high premiums from insurance companies, and unpleasant experiences caused by robbery and vandalism. The Security Fog is, moreover, completely safe and innocuous.

sipgrup Niebla de seguridad sipgrup Niebla de seguridad

Anti-theft systems

SIPGRUP installs systems to electrically protect items, in all types of businesses (pharmacies, opticians, perfumeries, clothes shops, etc.), Anti-theft systems. With an anti-theft system installed, your losses will be noticeably reduced and it will help to deter other potential thieves.

We market all existing Anti-Theft System technologies: based on Radio Frequency (RF), Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Electromagnetic technology (EM), and double technology RM. An extensive range of designs and technologies, both in security gates as well as in stickers, to be able to be tailored to the needs of every client and every business.

sipgrup Sistemas anti-hurto sipgrup Sistemas anti-hurto
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